Welcome to Corrucycle.com, where you can purchase all of your custom 3-D cardboard gift crafts. Corrucycle specialize in designing and constructing 3-D artifacts out of used corrugated container board or cardboard box material. Here at Corrucycle, all of our products are custom made by hand base on your chosen specification, such as these unique art pieces below:


The above artifacts were constructed by a process called Corrugated 3-D Perimetry, which is another recycling method of converting used corrugated cardboard boxes into fine art and gift products that aid in the reduction of trees being harvest for paperboard manufacturing. If you or your company is looking to dazzle others, then you have just visited the right company with the right website.

Corrucycle - making a difference one box, one solution, and one
innovation at a time.

To view more examples of Corrucycle’s custom works, please visit the gallery. If you would like to place an order or learn more about Corrucycle’s services, please visit the purchase and service tabs above.

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